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Table of Contents


The Algorithm


What Target Reference
Analysis of ShiftPlanes constants Prøst core Beierle, Jovanovic, Lauridsen, Leander, and Rechberger 1)
Related-key key-recovery Prøst-OTR Karpman 2)
Attack on 8-round PRØST-128 in Single-Key Even-Mansour Prøst-128 in SEM Todo and Aoki 3)
Related-key Forgery Prøst-OTR Dobraunig, Eichlseder, and Mendel in FSE 2015 (to appear)
On the behaviors of affine equivalent Sboxes regarding differential and linear attacks Prøst core Canteaut and Roué in Eurocrypt 2015 (to appear)

1) Analyzing Permutations for AES-like Ciphers: Understanding ShiftRows
2) From Related-Key Distinguishers to Related-Key-Recovery on Even-Mansour Constructions
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