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The Algorithm

  • Author(s): Farzaneh Abed, Scott Fluhrer, John Foley, Christian Forler, Eik List, Stefan Lucks, David McGrew, Jakob Wenzel
  • FSE 2014 Pre-proceedings version only accessible to conference participants.
  • CAESAR submission: POET


In the preproceedings version of the POET paper from FSE 2014, a simple ciphertext forgery attack by [Guo-Jean-Peyrin-Wang]1) was possible using a single known ciphertext/tag pair, under the condition that the message consists of at least 3 blocks. The attack was facitated by an incorrect formulation of POET in the preproceedings version, as was pointed out by Stefan Lucks in this discussion on the Cryptographic Competitions group, and is no longer applicable to the CAESAR candidate POET.

Type Number of Queries Reference Comment
Forgery 1 Guo, Jean, Peyrin and Lei1) Applied to FSE pre-proceedings version
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