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 ====== Meta page for the AE Zoo ====== ====== Meta page for the AE Zoo ======
 +The Authenticated Encryption Zoo is a collection of AEAD (authenticated encryption with associated data) schemes, listed in alphabetical order, that have been submitted to the [[http://​​caesar.html|CAESAR competition]]. The Zoo is inspired by [[http://​​wiki/​The_SHA-3_Zoo|the SHA-3 Zoo]] hosted by [[http://​​|IAIK - TU Graz]].
-This wiki is hosted by DTU Compute at the Technical University ​of Denmark, and is maintained by the Section of Cryptology.+Similarly to the SHA-3 Zoo, the main focus in this Zoo is to keep an up-to-date overview of cryptanalysis results on the CAESAR candidates. This front page will provide an overview ​of the candidatestheir properties/​features ​and a link to the internal wiki page for each scheme. In the scheme-specific pages, we put cryptanalytic results and references to specifications and related works.
-If you have any questions or comments regarding ​the AE Zoo, please contact one of the following:+For discussions on the CAESAR candidates we refer to the official [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​crypto-competitions|CAESAR newsgroup]].
-  * Martin M. Lauridsen (mmeh) +This wiki is hosted by DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark, and is maintained by
-  * Stefan Kölbl (stek) +
-  * Tyge Tiessen (tyti)+
-All contact ​e-mails are ''​<​initials>​'' ​where ''<​initials>''​ are the four letters in parentheses above.+  * Stefan Kölbl 
 +  * Martin M. Lauridsen 
 +  * Christian Rechberger 
 +  * Tyge Tiessen 
 +If you have any questions or comments regarding the AE Zoo, please send an e-mail to ''​aezoo at compute dot dtu dot dk''​.
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