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Authenticated Encryption Zoo

The Authenticated Encryption Zoo is a collection of AEAD (authenticated encryption with associated data) schemes, listed in alphabetical order, that have been submitted to the CAESAR competition. The Zoo is inspired by the SHA-3 Zoo hosted by IAIK - TU Graz.

Similarly to the SHA-3 Zoo, the main focus in this Zoo is to keep an up-to-date overview of cryptanalysis results on the CAESAR candidates. This front page will provide an overview of the candidates, their properties/features and a link to the internal wiki page for each scheme. In the scheme-specific pages, we put cryptanalytic results and references to specifications and related works.

For discussions on the CAESAR candidates we refer to the official CAESAR newsgroup.

For information about this wiki, please see the AE Zoo information page.

CAESAR Round 1 candidates

:!: Important: Before updating the AE scheme overview table below, please first refer to the AE Zoo guidelines! Also, click a column header to go to the explanation of valid options.

Candidate Type Parallelizable (E/D) Online (E/D) Nonce MR Inverse free Status
++AE BC/ Partly/Partly No
AES-COBRA BC/AES Partly/Partly Fully/Fully Yes Withdrawn
AES-COPA BC/AES Partly/Partly Fully/Fully No
AES-CPFB BC/AES Fully/No Fully/Fully Yes
AES-OTR BC/AES Fully/Fully Fully/Fully A+N Yes
AEZ BC/{AES,AES[4]} Fully/Fully MAX No
Artemia P/Sponge[Artemia] No/No Fully/Fully Yes
Ascon P/Sponge[$p^a,p^b$] No/No Fully/Fully Yes
AVALANCHE BC/AES Fully/Fully Fully/Fully
CBA BC/AES Fully/Fully Fully/Fully
CBEAM Withdrawn
CLOC BC/{AES,TWINE} No/No Fully/Fully
ELmD BC/{AES,AES[5]} Partly/Partly Fully/Fully No
Enchilada BC/{AES,Rijndael-256} Fully/Fully Fully/Fully None Yes
FASER Withdrawn
HKC Withdrawn
HS1-SIV Other/{Universal Hash,ARX[Chacha]} Fully/Fully No/No MAX Yes
ICEPOLE P/Sponge[ICEPOLE] Fully/Fully Fully/Fully LCP+X Yes
iFeed[AES] BC/AES Fully/No Fully/Fully LCP+X Yes
Joltik BC/AES-like Fully/Fully, Partly/Partly Fully/Fully, Fully/Fully None, LCP No, No
Julius BC/AES Fully/Fully No/No MAX Yes, No
Ketje P/Sponge[Keccak] No/No
KIASU BC/AES-like Fully/Fully, Partly/Partly Fully/Fully, Fully/Fully None, LCP No, No
LAC BC/LBlock-s No/No Fully/Fully None No
Marble BC/AES[4] Partly/Partly Fully/Fully A+N/MAX online No
McMambo LRX No/No Fully/Fully No Withdrawn
MORUS Other/LRX No/No Fully/Fully A+N/LCP+X N/A
NORX P/Sponge[NORX]/LRX Fully/Fully Fully/Fully Yes
OCB BC/AES Fully/Fully Fully/Fully None No
PAES AES[4/8] Withdrawn
PANDA Withdrawn
π-Cipher P/Sponge[$\pi$] Fully/Fully Fully/Fully None Yes
POET BC/AES POET-G withdrawn
PRIMATEs P/Sponge[p]
Prøst P/, P/, P/Sponge[Prøst] Partly/Partly, Fully/Fully, No/No Fully/Fully Yes, No, Yes
Raviyoyla Other/FSR
Sablier Other/FSR
SCREAM BC/{Scream,iScream} Fully/Fully Fully/Fully None No
SHELL BC/{AES,AES[4]} Partly/Partly Fully/Fully No
SILC BC/{AES,PRESENT-80,LED-80} No/No Fully/Fully A+N Yes
Silver BC/AES-like
STRIBOB P/Sponge[Streebog LPS] No/No Fully/Fully A+N Yes
Tiaoxin BC/AES[1] No/No Fully/Fully None Yes
TriviA-ck Other/FSR No/No No/No A+N N/A
Wheesht Other/ARX None N/A
YAES BC/AES[6] Fully/Fully Fully/Fully None Yes


References to cryptanalysis papers can be put at References

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